David Heuvelman for Common Council


In the next 25 yrs the battles that we wage for, quality education, clean air, clean water, fair and affordable housing, combatting climate change, access to affordable high speed internet, equitable and accessible healthcare, I believe that these battles are going be fought on the local level more now than ever before. We can’t wait for the state and federal governments to do something. We need strong local governments that move our communities forward as the 21st century unfolds.

Co-Chair of SPEDPartners, Parent Member of the BOE Ad-hoc SPED Committee, Co-Chair of the Naramake Elementary School SGC, Co-Vicechair of NSpedPAC, Alternate Commissioner on the Zoning Board of Appeals. I believe in service that serves all the community. We owe it to ourselves to bring everyone on this journey and to continue Norwalk on the trajectory of strength that makes it such a desirable city.

Everyone. Altogether